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Can We Stop Dragging Meghan Markle Now Please, Lets Focus On Prince Andrew?

I have sat on the fence over the past two years with all of the negative UK news coverage of Meghan Markle, but I always noticed that she was held to a different standard than Kate Middleton, how newspapers report on both of these women is obviously biased. Kate can never put a foot wrong and Meghan is often demonised and labelled a narcissist or insincere. I don’t really care too much for the royal family but with the Jeffrey Epstein scandal involving Prince Andrew and Prince Charles who also had a close friendship with a well-known paedophile called Jimmy Savile, my ears have started to prick up.

I also saw Josh Pieters latest Youtube video, he scammed royal correspondents three days before the Oprah interview was broadcast, asking them questions about Meghan and what they had already supposedly seen to see how they would report on Meghan, most said she was acting when in fact they were as they hadn't even seen the interview yet, the prank proved really well at exposing and confirming the negative bias perpetuated against Meghan, red top tabloids like the Daily Mail do this constantly.

I decided to stay up late and wait for a link to the CBS Oprah Winfrey tell-all interview with the recently decrowned couple, even though I had a presentation to pitch hours later that morning. Before the interview took place it was agreed upon that the couple would not be receiving any form of payment for the interview and no questions were off-limits. Usually, journalists will brief their interviewees on what they will cover, so I’m glad they did this differently and tried to make it as raw and authentic as possible.

I was not disappointed Meghan dropped bombs on the royal family revealing that a certain member of the royal family had been asking how dark the baby would be when born, Meghan obviously refused to disclose exactly who had been asking to save and protect their character. I personally don't think their children really matters but it adds to the evidence of institutionalised racism that Meghan has claimed about the institution and the UK press. I won’t ruin it too much because the interview has not yet been broadcast on UK soil although there has been press coverage and snippets of the debacle.

After catching Piers Morgan's GMB (Good Morning Britain) interview with Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, I got lowkey annoyed. I think it's foul; that a Piers was championing and encouraging support for mental health in the UK, but refuses to believe that Meghan was suicidal when she expressed battling mental health issues and suicidal thoughts. I don’t understand why Piers doesn’t have the same energy he has for Prince Andrew that he does for Meghan, but I guess she bruised his ego when she turned him down and blocked him out of her life.

The queen is still funding and protecting a paedophile, Andrew needs to stop hiding behind his mothers skirt and corroborating with American authorities. I personally think its a joke that the palace is investigating claims that Meghan bullied members of her staff whilst they were still in working royals, but they won’t do an internal investigation into Prince Andrews involvement with allegations of sexual misconduct/ sex trafficking minors, although he does claim he's innocent and that the photograph of him and Virginia Robers featuring grinning Ghislaine Maxwell in the background are doctored and edited.

Another thing that I find weird is that Prince Andrew stayed friends which Jeffrey after his first conviction involving underage girls, even stating in that trainwreck BBC News interview that he felt the need to personally go and visit Jefferey before cutting off their friendship, he in fact was pictured with Jefferey over the course of a few days on that trip, he even stayed at his house again. They just seem to brush it under the royal rug, I guess the main reason why I’m writing this is to say that I am not surprised that Harry and Meghan didn’t want to raise their family around questionable characters like Andrew who is protected, and bad behaviours condoned and ignored, it’s disgraceful.


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