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An Iranian Revolution Led by Women - One Year on From Jina Mahsa Amini's Murder

This week I spoke to Haleh from United4Mahsa, an organisation that has been helping to raise voices in Iran during the ongoing revolution for nearly a year now. We have spoken before and with the anniversary of the death of 22-year-old Jina Mahsa Amini taking place this week, I wanted an update on all that had taken place over the past 12 months.

Following the uprising after the death of Mahsa Amini in September 2022 at the hands of Iran's morality police many men, women and children have been protesting in and out of Iran. Some burned their hijabs and cut their hair to protest against Iran's brutal regime and the morality police who have been enforcing it.

In this podcast, Haleh gives an update on some of the ongoing protests in Iran, and talks to me about the continued activism that many from the Iranian diaspora have continued to participate in. We discuss the risks of violent retribution for those who have family members still living in Iran when their relatives abroad speak out.

Haleh also shared important figures on those who have been arrested and discussed the violent poisonings of girls, and the reports of the brutality of the morality police who have even shot protestors' eyes out.

The work of the Iranian diaspora across the globe has continued to fight for freedom, and this week more protests will take place as the anniversary of Jina Mahsa Amini's arrest and murder comes to pass.

Stay tuned to hear these topics and so much more, as we even speak about the former British soldier Daniel Khalife who escaped from prison this month, shortly to be returned, and his ties to the Iranian Government and the accusations of espionage and breaking the Officials Secrets Act.

Thank you for listening.

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