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New Episodes: Putting A Stop to (FGM) Female Genital Mutilation - Hoda Ali Interview

"In the UK, an estimated 137,000 women are living with the consequences of FGM, which include constant pain mild-sever, pregnancy complication, urinary/bladder infections, cysts, difficulty during intercourse, as well as anxiety and depression."

The suppression of female sexuality in order to later on in life be clean for a man is wrong, and the lack of rights over a female child's bodily autonomy I found inhumane. And that is why I reached out to Hoda Ali after hearing her story a few weeks ago.

Hoda Ali, a human rights activist and nurse who has been defending the rights of women and girls for over 15 years through working and campaigning to end female genital mutilation in the UK.

A spokes person from NHS England said "more than 200 women have had help from the eight FGM clinics since 2019 and that funding had been extended for another year."

Hoda comes from an interesting background. During this episode we talk about her journey to the U.K as a refugee and her work educating society. As Hoda believes education is very important for preventing FGM. We discuss pornography's impact on the female body (what we expect vaginas to look like)

How pornography is shaping the way teens think sex is supposed to be (female pleasure matters too, the clitoris has 8000 more nerve endings than the tip of a penis and this was only discovered in 1998!)

Women's sexual health, the impact of FGM later on in life and the medical issues that come with having undergone the practice.


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