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Surviving Human Trafficking - Bettina Hauser: Interview

This week I am joined by Bettina Hauser. A human trafficking survivor, she's committed herself to provide knowledge and, recovery programs, providing safe housing for other victims and survivors.

Working with organisations to help combat human trafficking.

During this episode, Bettina shares her trafficking story and how she managed to escape that former life.

Sugar daddy dating and the influencer life, ways to avoid becoming a victim.

The different types of human slavery, red flags and signs to look out for to avoid it, and, how to help a potential victim if you come across one.

Stats from the organisation Unseen showed that: Women and, girls account for 99% of victims in the commercial sex industry and, 58% in other sectors.

It is estimated that: 40.3 million people worldwide are in modern slavery.

24.9 million are in forced labor.

15.4 million people are in forced marriages.


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