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Missing Child Refugees UK - Interview With Cllr Bella Sankey

Hello and Welcome back to the Ebby Online podcast. This week I spoke to Brighton and Hove Labour Councillor Bella Sankey. Bella has been trying to keep the media informed about the ongoing case of the missing 200 children from local asylum hotels in the Brighton and Hove area.

Many of these children are thought to of been kidnapped and trafficked by organised crime gangs in the UK. The Labour Party has been calling for a thorough investigation into these cases, as it seems to be another failing from home secretary Suella Braverman who has faced ongoing criticisms for her immigration policies on processing, timing, and housing.

Stay tuned to find out about more the rolling case, during this episode, as we discuss the victims and what has likely happened to them through the process of child trafficking, and what the British Government needs to do to stop this from continuing to happen.

The news first broke last month after a whistleblower spoke to the Observer Newspaper, and exposed the failings of the home office in duties of care and safeguarding.

up to 200 unaccompanied minors seeking asylum in the UK have disappeared after coming to the UK from countries such as Albania, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, and Vietnam.

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