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Groomed Into County Lines: U.K Drugs, Trafficking- Asha Taranbi Interview

" County Lines is where illegal drugs are transported from one area to another, often across police and local authority boundaries (although not exclusively), usually by children or vulnerable people who are coerced into it by gangs. The ‘County Line’ is the mobile phone line used to take the orders of drugs. Importing areas (areas where the drugs are taken to) are reporting increased levels of violence and weapons-related crimes as a result of this trend."

I have been lucky enough to speak to Asha Taranbi, also known on youtube as Queen ash her story about county lines, selling drugs, jail time and redemption came to my attention earlier this year.

Ashas voice is a vital one in making young people stop, and think about the choices they make. Who they trust and more importantly how to avoid being groomed into drug trafficking.

Thank you for listening, I hope you enjoy.


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